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March 27 2019

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Martin Sonneborn hat nun freundlicherweise die Liste der deutschen Abgeordneten im Europaparlament UND ihres Abstimmungsverhaltens zum EU-Urheberrecht geliefert.

February 18 2019

EU-Copyright-Reform: Der "Mob" erhebt sein Haupt gegen Upload-Filter

Die Initiatoren der Petition gegen die "Zensurmaschine" übergeben Justizministerin Barley knapp 4,8 Millionen Unterschriften und fordern sie zum Widerstand auf.


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October 31 2018

August 21 2018

July 25 2018

July 06 2018

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A New Politics for an Age of Crisis | George Monbiot

A toxic ideology rules the world – of extreme competition and individualism. It misrepresents human nature, destroying hope and common purpose. Only a positive vision can replace it, a new story that re-engages people in politics and lights a path to a better world.

June 23 2018

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April 30 2018

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… They must have seen this disaster unfolding – slowly starving to death and forced to live in caves for shelter – right up until they felled the last palm. It was all because of a myth, but a myth so powerful that, despite knowing its madness, they could not resist it.

To Save The Economy, We Have To Break Its One Sacred Rule

We must stop worshiping the false god of GDP growth.

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April 13 2018

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3sat nano

Heute ist Weltwassertag. Nicht überall ist die Wasserversorgung so gut wie bei uns. Schwere Wasserkästen brauchen wir auch nicht zu schleppen.

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April 01 2018

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March 25 2018

The Beatles’ Paul McCartney joins #MarchForOurLives in memory of John Lennon. "One of my best friends was killed in gun violence."
Adam Savage: It means everything to me to exercise my civic duty & stand strong w/those who share a vision for a world out of balance. #marchforourlives

March 09 2018

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January 06 2018

September 30 2017

September 26 2017

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Seth Abramson:

This is a post about DONALD TRUMP.
If what it says conforms with how you feel, I hope you'll consider sharing it.

1. We need to never again discuss this man with respect to policy—it's become more than clear in nine months that he holds no policy positions.
2. So if you support Donald Trump because of any view you claim he holds, I don't ever want to hear about it. The man holds no views.
3. There is no position Donald Trump has ever taken that he has not, at some point in the past or present, taken the opposite position to.
4. We mustn't ever discuss this man as someone "challenging the system" or any similar bromide. His White House is the most corrupt ever.
5. Not one story of honorable conduct has emerged from this White House. Instead, it's been lies, deception, corruption, graft, propaganda.
6. But the most important thing is this: this is the first U.S. president to systematically and willfully terrorize his own populace daily.
7. His changeability is intended to keep us anxious and on guard. In fact, he's admitted publicly, many times, that this is a tactic of his.
8. His corruption is equally studied: his business model has always been "get away with what you can," and that's exactly how he's governed.
9. He saw that he had a GOP Congress—and knew that his worst-case scenario was not getting re-elected to a job that he never really wanted.
10. That's why he hasn't eliminated his conflicts of interest, delivered on his promises, "drained the swamp," acted as any kind of leader.
11. His presidency is a criminal enterprise designed to enrich his family and give him the attention his father clearly denied him as a kid.
12. He has no beliefs, no ambitions, no morals, no principles, no guidelines, no plans, no expectations. He simply needs to sow chaos daily.
13. What Trump knows better than most is that America is a chaos machine—you feed it and it spits out attention, headlines, sometimes money.
14. I want to be very clear here: Donald Trump is a toxic human with a toxic public presence and—worst of all—he wants to poison his people.
15. His reign will go down not just in U.S. history but human history as a reign of uncommon cruelty in the democracies of this millennium.
16. It's *more* than that he'll go down in our history as the worst president we'll ever have—he'll go down as one of our greatest villains.
17. Benedict Arnold tried to betray America for a prior sovereign—Trump is trying to *torture* a nation that was good to him his whole life.
18. Have you noticed a change in your mood since January? I mean a change you can't seem to escape? Anxiety, anger, fear, confusion, doubt?
19. The most ubiquitous man in your nation is trying to poison you daily—because it gives him power—and no one's stopping him from doing it.
20. I'm not using hyperbole: you're under attack. A deliberate, unprovoked, systematic, and—yes—evil attack. And it's working. We're losing.
21. When humans are endangered, confused and hopeless, there are certain things we turn to—all of which Trump is deliberately stealing away.
22. Our fight or flight instinct—which Trump activates—can be quelled if we're given respite, which is why Trump ensures we have no respite.
23. That's why his tweets—which are intended to terrorize, and *do*—come in a daily barrage of needless conflict, warmongering, and cruelty.
24. He must never stop tweeting, because his tweets now activate our culture in a way so *inescapable* that we're almost like his prisoners.
25. You think he's attacking North Korea in his tweets? No—he's trying to terrorize *you*. The NFL? You. Segments of America? No—all of us.
26. When humans are confused, we seek the stability of truth, trusted institutions, neighbors. He's destroying those anchors systematically.
27. "Fake news" isn't about getting re-elected—it's about controlling your fight-or-flight instinct by giving you no safe harbor in "truth."
28. Every institution we like or trust, he's undermined. The media. Government. Unions. Hell—even the NFL. Veterans (when he feels like it).
29. He's enabled by the GOP—but he's no Republican. He wants to destroy any politics or politician whose world he's not at the center of.
30. He's a malignant narcissist, and his *only* ambition is to spread his toxicity nationwide in whichever ways feed his perverse pathology.
31. If you're a Trump voter, by all means laugh it up. You'll be caught in wars, recessions, and international collapse like the rest of us.
32. He has 35% support because Americans love to be right and see fools suffer—and Trump voters think they're on the right side of the equation.
33. Time will show that we were *all* the fools—and whatever temporary satisfaction the Right got from annoying the Left wasn't worth America.
34. Because the last thing—of the three I mentioned—humans look for in a crisis is hope, and he's systematically taking *that* away as well.
35. We don't have hope future elections will be fair. We don't have hope our government is working in our interests. We don't have hope we can trust and love our neighbors and they'll trust and love us back. And we don't have hope things will start to make sense again.
36. But only a fool fails to see that the pain and suffering that comes from having a madman as a leader is soon coming for every one of us.
37. Things are going to get very bad. And many fools will say, "Well—that's America." And America *is* deeply flawed. But we weren't *this*.
38. Once in every few generations in the West, a leader arises *so vile* that he can draw out the evil from his population and weaponize it.
39. Trump is *not* Hitler. There was only *one* Hitler. But Trump is the *sort* of Hitler that America in 2017—at its very worst—can breed.
40. Everything evil a man can do to a country like this, at a time like this, in a span of four or eight years, Donald Trump will try to do.
41. He'll try to make the vulnerable live in fear. He'll position himself as unreviewable by the media and government. He'll sow confusion.
42. And when his crimes are uncovered—and he's been a villain and criminal his whole adult life—he'll try to stoke violence to save himself.
43. Trump is the most dangerous American of all our lifetimes—he's so dangerous we can't fully apprehend the danger or how to respond to it.
44. He's an actually evil presence that hangs over your life—and the life of the nation you love—every single day. And he may be unstoppable.
45. Is there any reason to trust future election results—now that we know Russia is hacking and interfering and Trump is doing *nothing* to stop it?
46. And is there any reason to think the damage Trump has done to our political system can be solved in just a single American generation?
47. And as he plunges us deeper into our Longest War and tries to start World War III in Asia, can we be certain lasting doom isn't ahead?
48. My point: there is only one fight in America today that matters, because all other fights are ultimately a direct corollary to this one.
49. If we want to save ourselves—and our country—Trump must be legally, peacefully and transparently removed from a position of power. ASAP.
50. It's *okay* to finally indulge the idea that everything is as bad as you think it is if hitting rock-bottom gives you the courage to *fight*.

(NB: This post originally appeared as a Twitter thread on my Twitter feed, @sethabramson.)

September 08 2017

Terms of Service; Didn't Read

This website reads Terms of Service and ranks them so you don’t have to – because, let’s be real, you don’t.

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